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When it comes to providing tornado safety for your family, you want to provide the best level of protection for the best value. You want a manufacturing partner with a proven track record of industry leading expertise and respect. When it comes to underground tornado shelters, Granger Plastics Company is that industry leading Tornado Shelter manufacturer. Granger Plastics offers complete, turn-key, full service Tornado Shelter installation at your home or business anywhere in the United States.

The Granger ISS is manufactured by Granger Plastics Company located in Middletown, OH. The rotational molding company is highly lauded for its tornado shelter design and also handles custom work for a number of industries including aerospace, medical supplies, defense, agriculture and countless others. Granger Plastics Company has been in business over 20 years and holds quality and customer service in the highest regard. With FAA quality certifications, Granger’s unsurpassed attention to detail and quality continue to demonstrate why OEMS and industrial leaders from all over the globe partner with Granger Plastics for their rotational molding needs. The manufacturing capabilities of Granger Plastics are highly sought out for projects both large and small. The full service facility includes engineering services, in house mold shop, manufacturing and secondary assembly capabilities and drop shipping. Granger Plastics Company is committed to providing solutions beyond expectations for every customer.

In addition to the Granger ISS In-ground Safety Shelter the company produces a number of propriety products including ForeverSafe theft deterrent cemetery products, The Lucky Seven indoor outdoor poker table, Weight-Mate and Water-Mate inclement weather ballast water tanks and a line of air cargo containers under the division of Granger Aerospace Products. Also available are laundry carts, recycling containers, intermediate bulk containers available with several options including an all plastic stackable model “The Avenger”, forkliftable bulk storage containers, shipping containers and numerous additional products, including a large number of custom rotational molding products for OEMs and various industry leaders.

Granger Plastics Company is a part of Granger Industries which also includes Granger Aerospace, ForeverSafe Products and the Granger ISS In-ground Safety Shelter. For more information about Granger’s many rotationally molded product lines contact 513-424-1955 or visit

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Durable double wall, structurally foam-filled, rotomolded construction offering 1,000+ year lifespan.

The only Tornado Shelter your family will ever need to purchase.

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